Residential Services in Maryland

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

With any wildlife visitor comes the possibility of diseases associated with urine, feces, bites and parasites, along with chewed wiring, increasing possibility of fire, plus destruction of insulation causing decreased energy efficiency. Avoid the nuisance and damages caused by wildlife by calling us immediately when you notice a problem.

Rodents We Trap & Safely Remove

  • Raccoon
  • Squirrels
  • Opossums
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Snakes
  • Skunks
  • Gophers

Rodent Control

Rodents can carry diseases and can also destroy your home with holes and demolish the food in your pantry. We offer solutions for the homeowner to help prevent the rodents from gaining entry, and we offer treatments to get rid of the mice or rodents. When you have rodents in your home, they are also food for other creatures, such as snakes, so by getting rid of them, you also prevent other unwanted creatures from coming in.

Roach Control

Cockroaches can be just about the most intrusive pests that will invade your home. There are several reasons for this such as they prefer to feed on low light or complete darkness. Secondly they can hide just about anywhere in the home. Most people assume they will only invade the kitchen area. However often times they can be located all throughout the home including bathrooms, bedrooms and in furniture or appliances!

Our experienced technicians are trained to identify the cockroach and determine the species to be able to provide the best course of action. For the most effective treatment, a quick treatment program is necessary. Cockroaches not only invade the home they also can cause multiple health concerns including breathing problems to stomach issues.

Preparing For Treatment

Preparing for treatment is very important. Prior to treatment, make sure all food is stored properly and clean out cabinets. Thoroughly cleaning will eliminate some of the pest population. Please be prepared to leave when we are expected to arrive, this includes pets. For heavy infestations inside the cabinets, please remove as much as possible, otherwise just pulling things forward, so we have access to the back will work. After a treatment, you need to be out of the house for 4-5 hours. Results could vary, for instance up to a week and a half. For roach infestation, we recommend the initial treatment followed by 2-6 follow up treatments.